Predictable Parallel Computing

Who is PPC?

The Predictable Parallel Computing group aims at converging the High-Performance Computing and the Critical Real-time Embedded Systems domains. Our main focus is the development of systems that consider HPC qualities such as performance and scalability, and embedded systems qualities as well, such as reliability and time predictability.

We belong to the Computer Sciences department at the Barcelona Supercomputing Center, in which we feel lucky to collaborate with brilliant research groups such as Programming Models, High-Performance Artificial Intelligence, Best Practices for Performance and Programmability, and Performance Tools, Workflows and Distributed Computing, among others.

Cooperation and knowledge exchange is fundamental for addressing the challenges of today. For that reason, we collaborate, not only with other teams in our research center, but also with leadership research institutions and companies around the world, in the scope of Space, Automotive, Smart Cities, and Astronomy. Check our projects page for more details!


PPC hires! We have positions open both for junior (phd studs, master/bachelor thesis) and senior researchers!
Join the group, and have fun doing research with us!


AMPERE 3rd General Assembly

Sep 2021

The AMPERE consortium has met to discuss the project status and development. Find more in the [AMPERE website] (

Low overhead OpenMP

Sep 2021

Our colleague Chenle is going to present his work about “Enhancing OpenMP Tasking Model: Performance and Portability” on the IWOMP 2021 conference. Checkout the program!

Adaptive Optics - Workshop

Jun 2021

Bartomeou Pou attended workshop in Adaptive Optics and had a presentation there AO4ASTRO

Denoising Wavefront Sensor Images with Deep Neural Networks - LAM Seminar

Apr 2021

Bartomeou Pou explained the work related to denoising wavefront sensor images with a deep autoencoder in a semoinar for Laboratoire d’Astrophysique de Marseille LAM