Predictable Parallel Computing

AMPERE 3rd General Assembly

Sep 2021

The AMPERE consortium has met to discuss the project status and development. Find more in the [AMPERE website] (

Low overhead OpenMP

Sep 2021

Our colleague Chenle is going to present his work about “Enhancing OpenMP Tasking Model: Performance and Portability” on the IWOMP 2021 conference. Checkout the program!

Adaptive Optics - Workshop

Jun 2021

Bartomeou Pou attended workshop in Adaptive Optics and had a presentation there AO4ASTRO

Denoising Wavefront Sensor Images with Deep Neural Networks - LAM Seminar

Apr 2021

Bartomeou Pou explained the work related to denoising wavefront sensor images with a deep autoencoder in a semoinar for Laboratoire d’Astrophysique de Marseille LAM

OpenMP at HILT conference

Nov 2020

Edu and Sara organize a panel discussion at the HILT2020 conference entitled “OpenMP for High Integrity systems: Moving responsibility from users to vendors”. Check it out in youtube!

Keynote speech at Financial Times Forum

Mar 2020

Edu gives the opening keynote speech “A Strategic View of the Future of Mobility” at the Financial Times Hitachi Transformation in Mobility Forum in London, UK.

OpenMP for Embedded Systems

Mar 2020

Our colleague Adri is going to present his contribution “Towards a Qualifiable OpenMP Framework for Embedded Systems” in DATE2020

ELASTIC demo on DATE2020

Mar 2020

Our colleagues Eudald and Unai are going to DATE2020 University Booth to present a demo of the work developed within the ELASTIC project entitled “Distributing Time-Sensitive Applications on Edge Computing Environments”.

CLASS meeting

Feb 2020

4th CLASS Face to Face Meeting.

Rising STARS Kick off

Jan 2020

Kick-off-Meeting of the Rising STARS H2020 European Project.

AMPERE Kick off

Jan 2020

Kick off-Meeting of the AMPERE H2020 European Project.

UPC exellence academic

Dec 2019

Adrian Munera has received an award for the best academic record of the fourth year in computer engineering by the UPV (Universitat Politecnica de Valencia).

Smart City Expo World Congress

Nov 2019

We are at the Smart City Expo World Congress (SCEWC), in Barcelona, demonstrating the progress of the CLASS project

Bojos per la Supercomputació

Nov 2019

The group participates in the Bojos per la Supercomputació event with the course “Smart cities/Ciutats intel·ligents”